Location Verification

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How do we determine location accuracy?

MobileFuse’s MFI Location Verification product addresses the reliability of passed Latitude/Longitude data by testing incoming Lat/Lons for both internal consistency (Palindromes, Centroids, NGram Pattern-matching, Accuracy thresholding) and contextual clues from POI databases (Warping, Out-of-Geo tests, Illogical placement) to provide accurate measurement and optional filtering of invalid/fraudulent location signals.

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Not all location
is created equal

By 2021 half of all mobile ad spend will utilize location targeting, however..



Location Verification Patent Number:

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Targeting Verification

Verify granular location targeting accuracy by leveraging GPS lat/lon signals.

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Delivery Insights

Learn where your impressions were served to better understand your audience and discover location categories and brand insights by POI.

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Inventory Comparisons

Evaluate inventory partnerships by location signal quality and optimize impression distribution based on location strength to maximize spend.