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Our culture was baked in mobile from the moment Ken and Val decided to start a company focused on mobile advertising. Today the entire team of “MFusers” are mobile advertising experts. The company is filled with energy that fuels our understanding of mobile technologies and how they relate to advertising with data. Early on we realized that mobile technologies will change rapidly, thus our approach was to build a strong foundation that can be flexible with those shifts and integrate them quickly whether those technologies are internal or through partnerships.
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Our Philosophy

Mobile advertising today is experiencing rapid growth. Campaigns today are richer and more advanced than ever before. However, a lack of industry standards makes it difficult for advertisers to cut through the clutter and define the initiatives that deliver real value.

That’s where MobileFuse comes in. We simplify and streamline the mobile landscape and offer tangible value to publishers, advertisers and our partners. Offering industry-leading, proprietary technologies, we don’t simply recycle the mobile industry’s existing ideas — we create them and lead the way.

In addition to advanced proprietary technologies, MobileFuse prides itself on privacy, and direct and exclusive partnerships. Our team, built on hard work and honesty; brainpower and creativity, has earned MobileFuse the reputation as today’s leading premier mobile-first advertising company.

Executive Team

Team member
Kenneth Harlan
Co-Founder & CEO
Team member
Val Katayev
Co-Founder & Managing Member
Team member
VP of Technology
Team member
Charlotte Hansen
VP of Brand Sales
Team member
Danielle Keefe
VP Audience Strategy & Ops
Team member
Dan Barnett
VP of Engineering